Thursday, January 14, 2010

Arch you gonna Shelf me?

When these two matching Walnut Arches
were given to me I had no clue what to do
with them. Then of course I happened
upon 6 36"X12" poplar planks and
the rest is history.
This piece is unfinished for the time
being so no product shots just yet.
Point and shoot is all I've got
but I promise to take some
delicious photos upon
it's completion.
Oh yeah I almost forgot
it can convert into
a coffee table

Death by Cute Table

This is a vintage Samsonite
Hat Case, found on the side
of the road of course. It is
attached to a New York
Dress Form Co. stand.
Stare at this piece too long and
you just might "OOO00ooo!!!"
yourself to death!!

photographer: Shannon Di

Fam-Line and Whiskey!!

Vintage Fam-Line Suitcase affixed
to a beautiful little TV Table.
...and whiskey!!

photographer: Shannon Di

The Man Table

Vintage OshKosh Travel Case with
an upcycled antique eating tray
reconstructed to accompany
the suitcase. Come with
a matching tray!!

photographer: Shannon Di

The Deconstruc(T)able

Made during Eye Level Arts "Lock-in"
the computer desk was constructed
within a 20 hour period.
A dining room table, side table, mantle,
and wooden boxes dismantled and put
back together even better!!

photographer: Shannon Di